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Fall Training
Conference 2020

Get ready to make some new memories
at Fall Training Conference 2020:
Seize the Moment!

What is FTC?

FTC stands for Fall Training Conference. It is an event where members of the CNH District come together to learn more about Circle K International, meet members from around the district, and develop as members and leaders within Circle K International. Both new and returning members will have the opportunity to really see the impact our organization can make and create new memories!


     FTC was the reason why      I've become more involved      in CKI. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to go because it helped me see what's so special about this organization as well as connect to my home club and division. FTC is definitely a can't-miss event, and the energy that surrounds that weekend is unbeatable!
Samantha Wang
UC Davis
Going to FTC has been         such an incredible   
experience- the valuable memories, the friendships made, and the educational workshops all made my time at FTC a memorable one. Not attending FTC my first year in CKI was something that I regretted for a long time, so don't hesitate!
Steven Ly
Orange Coast College
          FTC is where I had my         CKI moment. There's something about going out into the middle of nowhere that unites you with the people you're with. Whether it was during the spirit battles or the New Member Induction, you felt that energy that went beyond club and division lines and united us as one district.
Sophia Villarreal
CSU Long Beach