Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Please contact your club president for information on how to attend. Early registration, which costs $150 per member, is due on October 11th and regular registration, which costs $175 per member, is due on October 18th. Each school will be guaranteed 20 attendee slots at FTC. The rest will be placed on a waitlist, but don't let that discourage you as we will let members off of the waitlist once all registration has been received! All attendees must fill out a Code of Conduct and a Waiver, available on the documents tab.

Where is FTC?

Old Oak Ranch Conference Center
15250 Old Oak Ranch Rd, Sonora, CA 95370

When does FTC start and end?

Registration will open on Friday at 5:30PM. Opening Session will begin at 9:00PM. Departure will be at 10:30AM on Sunday.

How many attendees can I bring to FTC?

Each school is guaranteed 20 spots for members to attend. Further members wishing to attend will be placed on a waitlist.

How much does FTC cost?

Early Registration, due by October 11th, will cost $150 per member. After that date, the registration price will rise to $175 per member. Registration closes on October 18th.

Are meals included in the price?

Yes, attendees will be provided three meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.

How will meals work on Friday night?

We will not be providing meals on Friday night, so we do encourage clubs to purchase meals on the way to Sonora.

When should I arrive at FTC?

Registration for FTC will open at 5:30PM, and Opening Session will begin at 9:00PM!

How should I pack for FTC?

Keep in mind that the weather in Sonora will be cold! Check out our handy packing list on the documents tab.

How can I get involved at FTC?

There are plenty of ways to get involved! Volunteer to be an SAA, apply to be a team captain or workshop host, or apply to be a part of campfire skits & talent acts! Check out the documents tab to see all the opportunities available to you!

How many SAA’s does my club need?

Each club with at least 5 members in attendance will be expected to register a minimum of 2 SAAs, plus an additional SAA for every five members that attend. Review the SAA handbook for more detailed information.

What happens if I arrive late to FTC?

Registration closes at 12AM, but will reopen the next day at 6AM. You will be able to find housing locations posted on the door to the lobby.

How will daylight savings time work?

Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday, November 4, but due to campsite rules, our schedule will be disregarding the time change and will continue to proceed as normal on Sunday.

What is a new member?

A new member is anyone who is attending Fall Training Conference for the very first time! Registered new members will be able to participate in the New Member Induction Ceremony on Saturday night. If you will be a first-time FTC attendee, make sure to let your president/treasurer know so they can register you to participate in the ceremony.

Will I have signal or wi-fi?

You may or may not get signal up at Old Oak Ranch! Please prepare and pack accordingly.

When do I need to pay dues by to attend FTC?

Make sure your attendees are dues paid by October 30th to attend FTC!