Workshop Host Team Captain Campfire Skit

Workshop Host

Howdy Circle K! It’s your FTC 2020 Workshop Chairs, Jackie & Sergio! Have you ever been interested in creating memories for yourself and other people? Now is your chance to FOCUS on building your leadership skills, CAPTURE leading an online workshop in front of your peers, and DEVELOP special connections with the audience. Being a workshop host allows you to express a topic that YOU are passionate about! We hope to see you on the other side of the lens as a workshop host!


Team Captain

Hiya friendos! We are Amy & Caden, your Team Activities Chairs, and we are asking YOU to come out and become an FTC Team Captain! Through this experience, you will be able to take your fellow team members down Memory Lane while creating new memories with them along the way. Being a Team Captain not only allows you to acquire leadership skills, but also allows you to make a significant impact on everyone’s overall FTC experience. While engaging in a variety of different games and bonding activities, you are able to build more meaningful connections throughout the district. Seize THIS Moment and become a Team Captain!


Campfire Skit/Talent Act

Hi friends! My name is Mylan - I’m your Campfire Skits & Talent Acts Chair! Got talent? Apply to perform at the Campfire Performance! You’ll have a chance to show off the talent your school has, all while creating a memory you’ll cherish forever. I'm excited to read your application!