FTC Souvenir Pack

Purchase your FTC Souvenir Pack today! It comes with an enamel pin, reusable metal straw, lanyard, sticker, face mask, and T-shirt! Don't miss out on your chance to cop all this cute merch!


Club Merch Shop

FiFun Committee - DFI Fundraiser

Letters: $2/ea
Includes: Postage, Envelope, Personalized Card

Capital Division - Sacramento State

Front and back of club T-shirt

Club T-Shirt: $15
2x2 stickers: $3/ea
3x3 sticker: $5/ea
4 2x2 stickers: $10
3 3x3 stickers: $12

To purchase, please contact Ana Espinosa at
2x2 Bunny, corgi, and penguin sushi stickers
3x3 "Service is the Tea before Time" sticker

Capital Division - UC Davis

Club T-Shirt:
$10.25 + donation

To purchase, please contact Alex Tellez at alextellez.cki@gmail.com

Golden Gate Division - UC Berkeley

Stickers: $3/ea

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Metro Division

Jersey: $20
Face Mask: $4
Kandi Bracelet: $3
Bundle: $25

To purchase, please contact Phillip Nguyen at
**Bracelet image for reference only. The bracelet will say "METRO CKI" with blue and purple beads

Paradise Division - UC San Diego

CNH CKI Windbreaker
design: $30
Screen printed
design: $15
To purchase, please contact Justin Luc at treasurer@ucsdcki.org