What is Fall Training Conference

FTC stands for Fall Training Conference. Fall Training Conference is a three-day, two-night event held at Old Oak Ranch in which members of the CNH District come together to learn more about Circle K International, meet members from around the district, and develop as members and leaders within this organization. For many new members, Fall Training Conference is their first large-scale district-wide Circle K event and their first time seeing the impact that our organization can make.

Why should you Go

Jeffrey C.

De Anza College

Fall Training Conference is one of the first District events I attended as a new member and definitely one of the reasons I stayed in Circle K. The energy is through the roof, and even though it was only three days and two nights, I learned so much in a myriad of subjects and learned just how friendly Circle K'ers are. 10/10 would recommend

Christine N.

CSU Fullerton

FTC is such a memorable experience for both new and returning members. There’s plenty of opportunities to bond with people across CNH by attending workshops and participating in fun team bonding activities. My favorite part of FTC was performing in the campfire skit and losing my voice from cheering! I really got to see the pride and dedication everyone had towards Circle K. Don’t miss out!

Kevin R.


You should go to FTC because it really is a one of a kind experience! As one of the first district events of the new school year you have a chance to meet both new & returning members alike across CNH and make long lasting memories. Team activities were by far one of my favorite parts of FTC and I can't wait to be part of a team again with you there heh ((: